Smartsheets issue with Start and End TIMES - is there a way to utilize MS project to feed that info?

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I have been using Smartsheets for the past 4 years, and I love this product; however, one downfall is there is no ability to have an auto updated Start and End TIMES down to the minute (not dates) based on predecessor.

On my past project, this was no big deal; however, on my new project, I have been asked to track down the minute.

I have introduced Smartsheets prior to this non-negotiable, and individuals on this project are liking this tool because it allows for easy collaboration. It's also the biggest reason why I love it and I don't want to stop using Smartsheets.

With that being said, this requirement of Start and End Times down to the minute is a non-negotiable - this is causing me to move more towards MS Project. Does anyone have any experience with utilizing Smartsheets as a "source of truth" but having a MS Project plan on the side that helps drive the down to the minute Start and End Times?

On the flip side, does anyone have experience with adding Start and End Times that are driven by predecessor? Will it slow down a 3000+ line plan? Even if it's slow, this is what I would prefer because there is no dual maintenance.

I will say, I am confused that there is no start and end time within Smartsheets because how else does it utilize a Start and End Date based on Duration and Predecessor? ha


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    From my minimal experience,

    Smartsheet does not have a time stamp except the created date and modified date columns.

    If you are submitting new data in individual rows, you can use the created date and a couple functions to split the time and date and so on. If you're modifying the same rows, you can do the same with the modified date column. Accuracy can be an issue if you used the modified date column, but multiple submissions (like a time clock when starting and ending your day) can be slower than hoped for.

    It's in a 12-hour format, so you might have to do some converting when it's AM or PM.

    Beyond that, I would suggest manually entering the time in a 24-hour format. Or if you have the capability, use Smartsheet API.

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