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Has anyone used Smartsheet to conduct and store project retrospectives? I would like to keep all our work in one space (Smartsheet), but being limited to a sheet and not actually a template makes it pretty unappealing to review the info from a retro.


  • Matt Johnson
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    Hi @LaurieSD

    Why are you limited to a sheet? I would suggets displaying the data on a dashboard.

    If project retrospectives are like after action reports or lessons learned reports, sometimes its more appealing to view that information on a dashboard. Comparing baseline to actual deltas by Contractor or scope type can be more impactful in a graph or stacked report. Also, depending on the audience, length of the project, time available to prep for this meeting, etc; these dashboards can be made as one-offs. Not everything needs to be scalable/repeatable. Sometimes projects, or objectives for meetings, can be unique enough to warrant thier own dashboard.

    Also, great dashboards use great metric sheets. Metric Sheets compile the data from a sheet and put it in a format that works for graphs and other dashboard widgets.

    I hope that helps.


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  • This page may have some helpful information and has a Smartsheet template for your retrospective:

    You might also be able to create a new sheet and use it in the Card View to capture each item with a card under categories for what went well, what went not so well, open questions, action items, etc.

    Lastly, if you currently document your retrospectives in a certain way, you could attach that as a document to your project in Smartsheet.