Using Index and collect

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I am looking to do the following:

I have this sheet with project milestones:

and then this sheet of Billings

In the Jan Billing column I want it to pull in the Final date from the milestones sheet but only if, the line number between the two sheets match, Bill month =1, bill year =2024 and Bill? =Yes

I have done multiple iterations of formulas and can't figure it out, this is what I have

=INDEX(COLLECT({2024 Final Dates}, {2024 month}, @cell = 1, {2024 year}, @cell = 2024, {2024 Forecasting line number}, @cell = [Line Number]@row, {2024 Bill}, @cell = "Yes"), 0)

I keep getting #date expected but final dates colum and Jan Billing date are both setup as date format


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