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Our teams want to use smartsheeet integrated with MS Teams. I've followed this guide Overview: Integrate Smartsheet with Microsoft Teams | Smartsheet Learning Center but after logging in when trying to add a tab to a channel we just see this empty box, after granting all permissions


  • firesuite

    this is using a trial version only just setup

  • Debbie Sawyer
    Debbie Sawyer ✭✭✭✭✭✭


    On the smartsheet website it says:

    The trial account has restrictions that will be removed when you upgrade to a paid plan. These restrictions are:

    • Limit of 50 sheets 
    • From Smartsheet you can send 100 emails to a maximum of 20 unique recipients per day
    • You cannot publish Smartsheet forms, sheets, reports, or dashboards
    • Web content widgets are not available for dashboards 
    • You cannot generate API access tokens.
    • You cannot include external URLs in emails sent out of Smartsheet

    You can see here that you cannot publish Smartsheet Forms, sheets, reports or dashboards. My guess is that this is not possible to do from a trial license. I am happy to be overruled though!

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  • Kariv
    Kariv ✭✭✭

    Hi. We followed the Overview: integrate Smartsheet with Microsoft Teams | Smartsheet Learning Center instructions. In my Smartsheet account under Apps & Integrations I can see the Microsoft Teams (Direct Messages) app is connect with Smartsheet. I added the Smartsheet Bot in teams, but when I click on "Allow Access" I get the error message:

    Authorization Unsuccessful

    Authentication request has expired

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    You can now close this window

    I received this same error when I connect Smartsheet with Slack, and I had to revoke it and have our IT admin readd it several times before it worked. Can anyone help troubleshoot why this keeps happening? I don't like having to go back to our IT admin multiple times to do the same work.

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  • niel_wey75

    Hi Kariv,

    I had a similar experience in integrating Smartsheet with MS Teams.

    Additional observation on Smartsheet app in MS Teams:

    The interface is slow/unresponsive.



  • niel_wey75

    Some additional update info:

    We finally got some test users up and running, not without a fair amount of frustration. Interface is so slow that the tokens have expired by the time they are presented on Teams. The average time it takes to display a message from Smartsheet to Teams is around 3 minutes. Slow in comparison with Email and Smartsheet Mobile app notifications coming in at less than 30 seconds.

    I don't think we'll move forward with company wide integration. IT management timebomb...