Reports not capturing newly created sheet data from a "save as"

Pls see pic attached for details...The yellow reports live in the 'Exceptions Dashboards' folder (they are truly reports not dashboards). Each of the yellow Reports is linked to the entire "2023 Reviews" folder (pic #2) bc I check off the box for the whole folder in each individual yellow Reports' 'sheets' tab. Each month my user does a "Save as new" to copy the green "Monthly Review Folder Template" and saves it as a new month, in the 2023 Reviews folder. Green folder contains 2 sheets, 1 for New Acct Reviews and 1 for Closed Acct Reviews. My question is, if I'm saving the new copy of the template folder in the 2023 Reviews folder, which has been checked off as "should be included/linked" to my yellow Exceptions reports, why do I still have to go in and manually select the new month each month? Hopefully this is not too confusing...happy to provide more detail. Thanks in advance for any advice!

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