Move Automation seems to be timing out or conflict

I have a move automation triggered from a cell update. There are currently about 900 records that I would like to move to a separate worksheet. The worksheet contains about 170 columns that would be moved. There are multiple people in the worksheet throughout the day. Additionally, there are other automations launching based on other criteria.

It seems that if I select a large of records, i.e. 100 and click save the automation is not activating. The records do not seem to move even after a period of time. Could it be that automations are bumping into each other as other users are working in the worksheet? Even though, the records I am working on would not be updated by anyone else.

It does seem that if I select a smaller set, i.e. 10 and turn the trigger on and off, eventually the automation will move the records.


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  • StevenBlackburnMBA
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    Do both sheet columns match? Is there a way to perform your moves without such large batch movements, or a way to set up your sheet column moves nightly based on any other triggers?

    Question 2: Do both worksheets match? Are your teams allowed to edit unlocked columns? Some of this could affect things but may ultimately matter on the framework of the set up.


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