COUNT Formula for projects in multiple different statuses



I am creating a metrics page and am trying to create a formula to count the number of projects with different statuses.

I want the formula to count ONLY projects with the project type at "Contract" AND that are in the status of either "Not Started" or "In Progress"

I have 2 separate formulas to count the total number of projects for both not started and in progress, but not sure how to combine the 2 into a single formula.

Current "Not Started" formula: =COUNTIFS({Type}, ="Contract", {Status}, =[Primary Column]@row)

Current "In Progress" formula: =COUNTIFS({Type}, ="Contract", {Status}, =[Primary Column]@row)

Would it be easier to created a formula counting all contracts not in the complete status?




  • Itai
    Itai ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hey Brooke,

    I hope I understand you correctly.

    You can use 1 COUNTIFS formula to count yoru projects.

    Can you send a screenshot of the data sheet to help me understand the columns?

    Thank you

    Itai Perez

    Project Manager | Transformation Department

    Gong cha

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