Emojis are not showing when uploading files to Proofs



We we upload word doc with emojis to proofs they are missing in the proof preview.

Is this a Smartsheet limitation or there is something i can update on my end to make it work?

Original file

In the proof

Thank you!


  • MichaelTCA
    MichaelTCA ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hello @Aviad Teresh

    Are you opening the file on the same operating system?

    Versions of operating systems, like windows 10 and windows 11, show different displays of the same emoji.

    Also, different operating systems (commonly used apple vs windows) use different syntax for emojis and could come up as an unknown character like your screenshot is displaying.

  • Aviad Teresh

    Hey Michael, thank you for your answer.

    The issue i experience in not related to the operating system as it is consistent across multiple devices.

    The problem is with the Proof toll that is not showing the emojis in it's preview/commenting view.

    If downloaded the the file will show correctly but not when reviewing proofs.

    Do you know of any such limitation?

    As it is right now we will probably not use the Proofing feature and just attach files if the user can't see the whole file information.

    Thank you!