Dropdown Options Not Appearing In Mapped PDF Document

Benjamin O'Leary
edited 07/13/23 in Smartsheet Basics


I generated a mapped PDF (which I made fillable using PDF-XChange Editor) that records all data that was inputted in a form submission. However, for some reason the fields pertaining to a dropdown column are not appearing on the PDF:

Does anyone know why this is happening? I tried making the dropdown fields both a dropdown fillable and a list fillable in PDF-XChange Editor. Neither options worked. Also, the dropdown columns allow multiple values, maybe that has something to do with it?


  • James Hokamp

    Hi Benjamin,

    I can confirm that it does work correctly with the dropdown column accepting multiple values. The only difference between mine and yours that I see, is that I mapped my document out in Adobe Acrobat. I haven't tried it with PDF-XChange Editor so you may want to consider a different mapping tool.

    Hope this helps!