looking for BOTH "In Progress" & "Not Started" Tasks with specific assignee associated


New to Smartsheet so apologies if this doesn't make sense. Looking for a formula that groups all In Progress Tasks and Not Started tasks per Assignee.

Presently I have utilized the following formula to denote Total tasks regardless of status for each Assignee due to allowing multiple contacts per cell:

=COUNTIF({Master Schedule Range 2}, HAS(@cell, "Monish Sakar"))

After finalizing that formula I realized I needed to filter out completed tasks and only show those that are outstanding. I attempted to use the following formula and am returning an unparseable error (I'm sure it's user error on my end):

=COUNTIF({Master Schedule Range 2}, HAS(@cell, "Timm Wikelski"), AND({Master Schedule Range 3} = "In Progress", {Master Schedule Range 3} = "Not Started')

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!


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