Report using quarters

I would really appreciate if someone could please advise how do I create such a report- we use quarters instead of dates (not specific in our industry, as in- we cannot provide specific dates) for product timelines. I would like for the report to automatically pull data from project data sheet and if possible also apply project status color coding (how would I do that?).

Thank you.


  • Matt Johnson
    Matt Johnson ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Ildze

    If you could use dates as place holders just so the Gantt chart can be visible, then you're almost there by zooming way out on the Gantt View.

    As for the Peak Sales and POS Peak %, it would probably work best having them just to the right of the End Date, before the Gantt, on the sheet/report itself.

    I'm not sure that will work, given the no dates thing, but it's an option.


    Matt Johnson

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  • Ildze
    Ildze ✭✭

    Many thanks Matt for your answer, I appreciate it you taking the time and offering your solution. Unfortunately providing dates would be too much to ask in this case to the team, as it is not just one but 3 columns and then the file will be overpopulated and overcomplicated.