Duplicate Data combined for distinction

I was reading this help and it has some parts I need and noticed it referenced a sheet that no longer exists.


What I am looking for to get going and just hit a dead end after reading in here for the last few hours. This is a two part question

I need to join duplicated names from one column to a single cell that will be referenced for a Dashboard. Along with the name duplication I need another cell look for the duplicated names and their total point values for another cell.

Please excuse the crude arrows here

All the formulas and methods I am finding are close, but do not work in my application. It might be on how I am phrasing the query to why I am not finding it and am looking for any insight on this.

Thanks again for any and all assistance on this :) cheers

This is the formula I thought would work with everything I have found, but here we are.


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  • Paul Newcome
    Paul Newcome ✭✭✭✭✭✭
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    I would suggest putting this list and calcs on a separate sheet.

    There are a number of posts already out here in the community that detail how to generate a unique list, but the basic idea is that you would use a helper (text/number) column with the numbers 1 through whatever manually entered plus a bit of a buffer just in case. If you think the longest your list will ever be is 100 unique entries, I suggest going to 125. That sort of thing.

    Then you would use an INDEX/DISTINCT/COLLECT to generate the list and then a SUMIFS to get the total points for each.

    =IFFERROR(INDEX(DISTINCT(COLLECT({Source Sheet Agent Column}, {Source Sheet Agent Column}, @cell <> "")), [Helper Column]@row), "")

    =SUMIFS({Source Sheet Points Column}, {Source Sheet Agent Column}, @cell = [Agent Name]@row)


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