How to consolidate different parent & children row from multiple sheets, into one summary sheet?


Hi! I am working on a Consolidated Team Productivity Report.

From 5 different sheets, I would like to create one summary sheets that will automatically capture same projects from those sheets. (these are common collaborative projects of the team)


  • Samuel Mueller
    Samuel Mueller Overachievers

    You can't do that directly in a report. You would need to create a new sheet to combine the data. You would also need a unique identifier that identifies the projects across the multiple sheets and then you would need to create cross sheet references and use an Index match formula using the unique identifier to line the data up.

    fomula would be something like

    =index({statusProject1},match(uniqueIdentifier@row, {IdentifierProject1},0))

    and you would do that for each project and for each column you want to bring into your consolidated report.