Linking cells between multiple project sheets

I would like to link cells from one project to another, but the option is grayed out (not available to select) when i right click on the cell. Any suggestions? thanks!


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    Hey @mdevlin

    What Permission do you have on that sheet?

    Is the finish date a part of the automatically added project managment columns?

    If you have dependencies enabled in the sheet (typical for a project plan), then the Finish date is calculated automatically based on the duration and other dependencies. So, since this is a calculated column, the sheet does not allow you to select a specific finish date as a cell link from another sheet.

    If you need this ability you'll have to disable Dependencies (found under Project Settings). The downside is that you lose the automatic cascade of dates.

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  • Awesome, thanks! I also learned that if the task does not have any predecessors/dependencies, then the START date can be linked from another sheet.

    To get around linking the finish date, I simply added a task/row and made the duration 1 day only. The start date is successfully linked to another sheet.