E-Mail Alerts to New Row Added - Question


I have an automation set-up to send an e-mail alert when a new row is added to an order sheet via a form. The problem is it is combining multiple orders from multiple vendors if the orders are placed around the same time. At minimum I would like e-mail notifications to be exclusive to 1 vendor. Is this possible? My real desire is every line item added via form creates a e-mail notification (no multiple orders on a single e-mail notification). Is this possible?

Thanks - Jim


  • Charlene Stacy
    Charlene Stacy ✭✭✭✭✭

    My suggestion is to have the automation criteria for a specific vendor. It would be to add the condition to only trigger when a specific Vendor is selected. So you would be saying when rows are added for "vendor XXX" alert someone. When rows are added for "Vendor XYZ" notify someone and so on.