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How do I get my "IF" formula to automatically add to new rows?

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We use zapier to add rows to the top of our primary active sheet from Pipeline. Within the active sheet are formulas set up for adding dollar amounts and hours. When a new row is added, these formulas carry "up" to the new row added in.

However, I have an "IF" statement that will translate zip codes into cities (below). This will NOT carry "up" to the new row when added like all the other formulas. Any ideas?

=IF([Job Zip Code]1 = 97756, "Redmond", IF([Job Zip Code]1 = 97701, "Bend", IF([Job Zip Code]1 = 97702, "Bend", IF([Job Zip Code]1 = 97703, "Bend", IF([Job Zip Code]1 = 97759, "Sisters", IF([Job Zip Code]1 = 97707, "Sunriver", IF([Job Zip Code]1 = 97754, "Prineville", IF([Job Zip Code]1 = 97760, "Crooked River Ranch", IF([Job Zip Code]1 = 97708, "Bend", " ")))))))))



  • TJ-Webfoot

    I fought this for a few days, then made a post here about it this morning, went back to testing my re-designed sheet and now it works...!?!?

    So .. thank you..? laugh


    On a side note, I really like this feature; that I can have rows automatically added and retain the formulas.

  • krazy@irl
    krazy@irl ✭✭✭
    edited 06/03/19

    TJ-Webfoot how do you get this to work? I've the same formula in all rows of a specific column and want it to be added to new rows automatically when they're added.

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