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Hello, I am working on a sheet that I created that will act like a team member matrix. In the sheet I have two columns that list the name of the project and another column listing the names of who is apart of the project. The other columns in the sheet are all identifiers like (project owner, sponsor, leader, etc.) and are checkboxes. There is a Masterfile that lists all the projects with all the info needed including who the owner, sponsor, leader, etc. is. The idea I have is when the names are populated in the member matrix I want the corresponding column to check itself if that name matches with the Masterfile. So for example if my name is one of the team members and I am the project owner (listed in the Masterfile under a column labeled "project owner") then the checkbox under project owner will be marked.

I believe it is possible with a vlookup or INDEX/MATCH formulas that I could use for each of the checkbox columns in the member matrix sheet. I am just hitting some bumps in the road of how to accomplish this as I am fairly new to using these kind of formulas. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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