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I want to show how many request have come each week and show this value on a Dashboard with a bar chart ? I also need to show the oldest request that has a value of "New Request" maybe put this value on a Card of Text area on the Dashboard ?

Any help would be appreciated...


  • Ramzi
    Ramzi ✭✭✭✭✭

    Here's one way to do it. Here's what you will need for this example -

    Requests Sheet

    Formula in Oldest New column: =MIN(COLLECT(Date:Date, Status:Status, "New")) = Date@row

    Sheet Summary field in the Requests sheet called Oldest New Request with formula: =INDEX(Request:Request, MATCH(true, [Oldest New]:[Oldest New]), 0)

    Summary Sheet

    Count field with formula: =COUNTIFS({Date}, >=[Week Ending]@row, {Date}, <([Week Ending]@row + 7))

    ... where {Date} is a cross sheet reference to the Date column in the Requests sheet

    You Dashboard will have two things on it:

    1. A Chart widget that references the two summary sheet columns
    2. A Metric widget that references the Requests sheet Sheet Summery field

    =COUNTIFS({Date}, >=[Week Ending]@row, {Date}, <([Week Ending]@row + 7))

    I hope this helps you.



    Smartsheet Solutions Architect


    Smartsheet Solutions Architect


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