Is there a way to use the barcode inventory template to show the inventory that is leaving?


The barcode inventory template is new to me, but will work great to show all the pieces of equipment we have on hand as we are fixing machines. Is there a way to scan a barcode that is already in the template to show that it is being used or taken away, so that I will know when to buy more inventory?


  • Hamza1
    Hamza1 Moderator
    edited 08/05/23

    Hi @Rebecca Dudley,

    You can scan barcodes to track and find inventory. Use the mobile app and the camera on your mobile device to add information to your sheet/form by scanning a barcode or search for information by scanning a barcode.

    You can scan barcodes to add data or search for existing data:

    • To add barcode information to a cell:  Tap the barcode in the toolbar, when a cell is selected or above the keyboard while editing a cell.
    • To add barcode information from a form: Tap the barcode located above the keyboard, while editing a form field
    • To search Smartsheet with a barcode: Tap the barcode in the search bar

    For more information on scanning barcodes, see the help article here.