Charting Occurrences Over Time

Hello all,

Quick question about setting up a chart widget to show instances over time!

I've made a set of sheets and reports that feed into a dashboard to help visualize occurrences. I'd like to add in a chart widget that shows these events over time; nothing fancy - a simple line chart or scatterplot style would be great.

I set up an automated workflow that pulls the events that meet the conditions I'm looking for and copies them to a separate sheet. I tried to use this to chart over time, but received the "Selected data cannot be charted. Please select a new range." error message.

I made a report that extracts only the dates of those events, and tried to use that to chart over time, but received the same error message.

Does Smartsheet just not support charting over time? Is there a specific way that you have to present the data to the widget to allow it to chart dates?

I appreciate any and all advice on this topic; thank you in advance!