Using Row Comments in a Formula


I am currently working on a dashboard, and need to populate rows that have comments. Is there a way to do so or is there a formula I can use to indicate if a row has comments? I tried doing an IF statement, but I am not sure what the row comments would be referred to.

Any information provided is greatly appreciated!


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    @lupitafajardo I am assuming you are referring to the Conversations at the far left of the row. In order to track this in your sheet, use a workflow automation to set a value in a helper column. You can then filter your sheet based on this value.

  • @JamesB

    Good morning! I appreciate your response, but I am not looking for a tracker. I am looking for a way to populate comments from rows in a sheet into a Dashboard or a column formula to use to indicate if a row has comments.


  • JamesB
    JamesB ✭✭✭✭✭✭


    Can you provide a screenshot of what information you are wanting. I am not sure I am understanding completely. Are your comments in a cell in the sheet, or are you referring to the conversations option on the far left of the row?

    If it is comments in a cell, you should be able to use a report and filter out the comment cells that are blank. If you are only looking to indicate the row has comments then the suggestion I originally made would not be a tracker, it would create a way to indicate rows that have comments on them so you can filter the rows based on the helper column.

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