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Hello Community!

I wonder, is it possible to compare one multi-select field (array) against another and return TRUE if any match can be made between the two? Consider the following data set.

Currently, I am playing around with:

JOIN(COLLECT(Print:Print, MultiSelectData:MultiSelectData, {Returns True When ANY Match Exists}))

Ideally, the Outpout would read ACD and AB.



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Torsten Rich-Wimmer

    There currently isn't a way to compare a multi-select cell against a range of multi-select cells, parsing the original cell to match each individual selection with something in the referenced list.

    The current cell would need to have an exact match in the referenced data list in order to find what to return back. What I mean is, the pink "MultiSelectData" column would need one cell that had "1, 2, 5, 9" in it, with the "Print" column showing "ACD" for the formula to find a match with the entire cell and bring back the ACD data. Does that make sense?

    You could search for a single value in a multi-select range (so, just the "1"), but as soon as there are other items selected, formulas will look for a complete match of all selections.

    In this instance, I would recommend seeing if there's any way you could have the MutliSelectMatch column be a single-select column to use a formula, or if you could have multiple columns each with individual selections for that row.



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