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I am trying to create a report that will sum all number of items that are assigned to a color (red/yellow/green) under each parent row in Index ID column but when I create the report it is not allowing anything related to the colors. Wondering if I need to assign a number or a hidden column to define what each color represents and filter that way. Also wondering how I could create a % for each color under their parent row - assume would be more of a formula on the sheet and not the report but would like it all consolidated if possible. Any help would be great!!!!


  • JamesB
    JamesB ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    @Dhoke Are you specifically talking about the reports feature built into Smartsheet? You should be able to group the report by Status 1 and Summarize by it in the report.

    For % assigned to a color, create a % Complete Column and use an IF statement.

    =IF([Status 1]@row = "Yellow","x%", IF([Status 1]@row = "Red","x%",IF([Status 1]@row = "Green","x%","")))

  • Dhoke
    Dhoke ✭✭✭

    yes that is what I was hoping to do but it is not returning the info I need. It is grouping them by status but I need to know how many are in each status for each index id (ie. I have 4 reds under asset management, etc.) As for %, I was hoping to get a percent for each index id (if I have 10 total items under one ID how many are red, how many are yellow, etc. in %'s). Seems like I almost need to have multiple reports on the same sheet so I don't have to have filter each time I want/need a breakdown.

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