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Show who modified the value in a specified column



We create and approve purchase orders via Smartsheet. On receipt of the invoice to the accounts team the named approver (Contact List column) for the PO is sent an update request with the attached invoice and the field "invoice approved". They review and check the box, submitting the update. There are 12 invoice approved fields per PO, as some PO will have up 1 PO a month.

The sheet is locked down - most people have "view" access and create a new PO via Forms, those auth'd to approve invoices have "editor" access with most columns locked to prevent them changing, e.g. amount. The accounts team are sheet "admins"

We would like to open the sheet up so anyone can be an editor, add comments, attach invoices etc, but we have to either restrict some fields or preferably easily see who last updated them.

So, whilst we can use View History to see who checked the invoice approved box, the accounts team would rather see that information displayed in a column, e.g. "invoice 1 approved by"


Can we do that now? how?

If not, could there by a column type of formula that can display Last Modified By for a specific column. 

Thank you



  • ricki
    ricki ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 06/29/17

    You can have an auto modified by and modified date columns in your sheet if all you want is to see the last person to modify a row

    There is also the new activity log report but I don't know much about it because it requires a higher level smartsheet account than what I currently have but I have a feeling that the level of detail you are looking for would be in there

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