Fill in a cell based on another cell's value?



I'm tracking participation of a program on my sheet as a "participation %" column. There is another column called "participation status" to make it easy for the managers to know if their employee is on track with participation or not.

I'm trying to set up the participation status column so that if the participation % is a certain value or range it'll say the status.


Participation % = 0 | Participation Status = Not Participating

Participation % = >0,<80 | Participation Status = Needs Improvement

Participation % = >80 | Participation Status = On Track

I've tried searching for the answer all day and have officially given up so I'm hoping someone is able to help or advise if this is not possible. 😅


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    The formula below will get what you need. With Smartsheet, you have to convert % to decimal values in formulas.

    =IF([Participation %]@row = 0, "Not Participating", IF([Participation %]@row > 0.8, "On Track", IF(AND([Participation %]@row < 0.81, [Participation %]@row > 0), "Needs Improvement", "Blank")))


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