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Basically, I have an automation set up to send anything that is on Backorder (when B/O is checked) copy it from my "Open Orders" sheet to my "Backorder Clip" sheet. I have two questions regarding this.

  1. How do I set a formula that will apply any changes made to my "Backorder Clip" sheet rows will automatically update the information in my "Open Orders" sheet. Eventually, I will be deleting the rows that were duplicated into the "Backorder Clip" sheet, hopefully that doesn't pose an issue. I know it has something to do with INDEX/MATCH but I can't quite figure it out.
  2. I have around 30 columns (including lots of helpers) in my "Open Orders" sheet and everytime the automation to copy into "Backorder Clip" sheet even if I have deleted those columns manually, they reappear and it is literally so clustered... is there any way to avoid adding ALL of the fields and only the ones that have the same header name. If not, it's fine, just would be more convenient.

Thanks so much!


  • SteyJ
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    edited 08/15/23

    There isn't a way to select specific columns you want to transfer over yet via automation, but it is something that has been recommended and it is a great idea. What I recommend doing is simply hiding the columns you don't want to see, and when new rows are pasted over, the columns remain hidden.

    If you want to send data back over to the new sheet, you can use INDEX/MATCH with the order ID. If you specify which columns need to be index matched, I can help you create a formula.

    Hope this helps!


    Jacob Stey

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