Multiple IF statements in the formula


I want to create a priority matrix using urgency and important. I've used this formula below. There is no error on the formula but the cell only returns P2. I feel I'm doing something wrong with adding multiple IF statements. Please help

=IF(Urgency@row = "NOT URGENT", IF(Importance@row = "IMPORTANT", "P2", IF(Urgency@row = "URGENT", IF(Importance@row = "IMPORTANT", "P1", IF(Urgency@row = "NOT URGENT", IF(Importance@row = "IMPORTANT", "P3", IF(Urgency@row = "NOT URGENT", IF(Importance@row = "NOT IMPORTANT", "P4"))))))))

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  • Myra Kodidela
    Myra Kodidela ✭✭
    edited 08/16/23 Answer ✓

    Thank you, it worked when I used

    =IF(AND(Urgency@row = "URGENT", Importance@row = "IMPORTANT"), "P1", IF(AND(Urgency@row = "NOT URGENT", Importance@row = "IMPORTANT"), "P2", IF(AND(Urgency@row = "URGENT", Importance@row = "NOT IMPORTANT"), "P3", IF(AND(Urgency@row = "NOT URGENT", Importance@row = "NOT IMPORTANT"), "P4"))))


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