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I have a helper column that counts sequentially, and because of the syntax I can't make it to be a column formula, but I've been told multiple times that if I drag fill the formula over 2 or more rows, it will automatically calculate when new rows/entries are added in the adjacent column. For some reason this has never worked for me, I still have to manually drag fill the helper column, even when the adjacent cell in the next column is nonblank. This is the basic formula I would like help with:

=[Helper Column]1 + 1

I'm sure the solution is simple, but maybe I'm misunderstanding the explanation


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @sawuzie

    Can you clarify where the formula is being input? I'm guessing that you're placing the formula in the second row but you're referencing the row above (the 1st), is that correct?

    If the formula was in row 1 you could change the number 1 to be @row, then make it a Column Formula:

    =[Helper Column]@row + 1

    But yes, if you're referencing the row above then you'll need to keep the number in there and rely on formula auto-fill.

    Here's the documentation on when/how formulas will auto-fill as new rows are added: Automatic Format and Formula Autofill

    Essentially, as long as it's in two cells above where you're adding a new row, then it will autofill into the cell of the new row. The rows added have to be completely new though, not new information added into old rows, does that make sense?



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