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How to export from Smartsheet to Excel in tabular format?

What's up you all!! First of all, good morning/afternoon or evening.


The problem is as follows:


I would like to export from smartsheet to Excel, but in "tabular format", that means that every field must be in one single column, for example, the task name in on column and the sub-task name in a different column.  The problem is that when I export it, in one column it exports task names and sub-tasks names.


I'd reallly appreciate if you could help me to export in tabular format.


Thanks!!! :)


  • Smartsheet is going to export your sheet to Excel exactly how it looks in Smartsheet. I am a little confused by what you are asking for - could you provide an example (maybe with a screenshot)?

  • I have the same issue. I want to be able to export my smartsheet into excel format , but when i have subtasks within a task, they are all exported as 1 column , so the heirarchy is not maintained. I am trying to export it and then import the data in Axosoft and i would want to have separate fields mapped for Tasks and Subtasks.

    Smartsheet Tasks.PNG

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