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Resetting Auto-numbering for columns in templates and sheets

Ty ✭✭

Problem: When creating a template from another sheet with an column set to type auto-number, I have learned through technical support that you only have ONE chance to reset that column back to start number 1, and only by deleting the old column and creating a new one. If you make a mistake with the numbering schema, you have to start all over and create another sheet. In the case where the sheet has already been created and there is a desire to change or restart the numbering system, it just isn't possible, and that is frustrating. This is especially problematic when the sheet is shared with a client and other teammates from other organizations. It's hard enough to get people to use the multiple tools we have available to us these days, and when you have to re-share items simply because an existing column or new column within a sheet that has had a auto-numbering previously cannot be corrected or reset back to 1 (or whatever number that is desired), that is not efficient and it is hard to explain to my clients and teammates - they get frustrated too. Hoping you can fix or enhance this feature soon.

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