Can an automation send particular cell information and not access to an entire column?


We have projects set up in our Workspace. At the top of each sheet is Summary information from within the sheet and it's linking out to source sheets as well as information is pulling into the sheet from other sources. This is set globally through Control Center when a project is created.

I would like to create an automation from our sheet called Charter where it includes the information from this screenshot. However, I only want the information in those particular cells in the middle so Project Name, Objective, Project Number, Project Sponsor, Project Owner, Project manager, etc.

I know I can trigger an automation to send information in the particular row based on a trigger, but the way the sheet is set up will mean a lot of extraneous information.

Is there a way to just sell the information in those sells with the way the sheets is set up now? I feel like my only other option is to move all of that Summary information in one row instead of in that Description column.


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