Old Links Resurfacing on Dashboard Despite Updates

In order to maintain a consistent dashboard design for various use cases, I used the "save as new" option, generating a fresh dashboard. To expedite the process, I repurposed some existing widgets by modifying links to correspond with new forms. However, despite my updates, I eventually received feedback from users indicating the reappearance of outdated links. In response, I took the initiative to remove the existing widgets, replacing them with new ones, and re-establishing the correct form links. Yet, I was surprised to discover today that the old links have resurfaced once more.

Has anyone encountered a similar problem and found a solution? Your insights and suggestions would be immensely valuable.


  • jmyzk_cloudsmart_jp
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    Hi @Ayperi Uzun

    If the LINKs used in the Dashboard are to Smartsheet items like Sheets and Reports, it is a good idea to "save as new" Workspace or folder containing the Dashboard, Sheet, or Report.

    In this case, the link in the newly created Dashboard will be to the newly created Sheet or Report, not the original Sheet or Report.

    However, the form link, which is your problem, will be added as a Website, so the link will still be to the form pointing to the original Sheet.

    A Form is automatically created on the Sheet copied by the "Save Folder As New," but the newly created Dashboard's link to a form is still a link pointing to the original Sheet, not to the form for this newly created Sheet.


    Form pointing to the Sheet from which you are copying: https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form/42edaf2d7cae4bfba25a7c03b6fc5372

    Form pointing to the newly copied Sheet (created with Folder Save As New):


    Therefore, you must manually update the form link to point to the new Sheet.

    In the example above, we would change the link for the new Dashboard to a form with the ID of b9c5d146959b429198dc183d68de4e0a.

    The same is true for projects created in the Control Center.

    Moreover, the Smartsheet API does not currently have anything related to the Dashboard Widget or Form, so we cannot automate it using the API.

    The above points are significant issues for the large-scale use of Smartsheet.