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"last/newest comment" column: prevent misuse


Hello to all,

suggestion for the "last/newest comment" column (sorry, we use the German version so I do not know the correct English translation):

Either lock the colum to prevent direct input of data, or add/append new input in "Conversation" section.

It often happens that people contribute to conversations by typing comments directly into the cell/column, which is marked for latest comments. We do really like this feature, but need some prevention for (accidential) misuse.




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  • Kate Desrochers

    This is frustrating for me too-- did you ever find a solution?

  • tmcpherson

    Agreed. I thought this was just happening to me because I am the sheet owner but even I accidentally make this mistake sometimes. The latest comment column should be locked so that only comments can be added here. I've been disappointed to loose updates because I've mistakenly typed them directly into the field instead of using the comment option. Making this worse - the directly entered content gets lost once a new comment is added to the field.