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Double Entry from Webform



I am having an issue where we are using QR codes to access the webform on a mobile device and the data being sent through 2-3 times. There is double data and it is causing us to have to comb data and delete unnecessary entries. Is anyone else experiencing this and is there a way to make this stop happening?






  • Hi Alexis—

    To better understand the behavior, I have a few questions.

    Is this new behavior? Was the QR code working at one point but now it's not?

    Was the QR code recently changed?

    Does the form experience this same behavior if you use the web form link directly, not using the QR code? (Open the sheet and click the Forms tab at the bottom to get the form's direct link.)

    Does this happen with every device that scans the QR code? Does it happen with multiple QR code reader apps or just one?

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