Can we paste "plain text" from Excel rather than Text/Number?

When we create a new column in Smartsheet we only have the choice of Text/Number and not just "text". In Excel we have data that is numbers that are plain text. So in Excel we have things like:

3.50 3.51 3.51.0, 3.51.1, etc.

But when we import this into Smartsheet we get:

3.5 (a rounded off number), 3.51 (a number) 3.51.0 & 3.51.1 (text)

We need to bring all these in as plain text and NOT as numbers. We have a 3.5 and a 3.50 but when we import them into Smartsheet both come in as 3.5.

How can we take numeric information that is plain text from Excel and import it into Smartsheet as plain text?