merging attachement , comment and cell from 2 sheets + form


First time in the community and first question :)

Situation :

I have 2 sheets :

First : with rental unit

Second : with my sales unit


Sometime i have some machine we send in rental before and after a couple of months they transform themselves into sales. 

In my sale sheet ( 2nd), the info is coming from a form.  If we keep that information coming this way …. I want the attachment from the 2nd sheet merge with the attachment from the 1st sheet ….

How can I do that … only with data shuttle or data mesh ? not sure because it won’t copy the attachement and comments and i don'T have those app yet !


Or if a form is coming in ( in 2nd sheet) and tgere is the same serial number in the shet , can it be merge with an existing row that I would have copy from the 1st sheet  ?


I keep talking about merging because we will put information in attachments from both sheets and they won’t be the same because they are from different department. So I try to think about the simplest way and to avoid manual intervention.



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