Checkbox in source sheet pulls data into destination sheet

I know reports are the more favorable way to go with this but that won't work for what I need.

Use Case: Departments have a tracking sheet with high-level detail. Other departments want to track various level of detail in their own sheet. Only some of that data needs to make it back to the roll up sheet for executive leaders.

I have a source sheet and a destination sheet. Both sheets have a Dashboard Checkbox.

What I want to do is if the Dashboard Column is checked in the source sheet, then pull in the source data from the other columns to the reference sheet.

We want the cells to be linked so that they update progress in the destination sheet as well.

Again, I know a report would accomplish this easily but that's not what works here



  • Monique_Odom_Comcast
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    Hello @NNolen, do you have access to Datamesh? Datamesh would accomplish this nicely for you. If not, you could use Cell Linking functionality or an INDEX(COLLECT( formula to pull the information you're looking for.

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  • NNolen
    NNolen ✭✭

    We actually do not have Datamesh. Great suggestion though!

    What might that index(collect formula look like?

    This was the formula I was trying to make work

    =IF(VLOOKUP([Source Sheet]DashColumn, [InfoSec SLT Tracker]DashColumn : ZZZColumn, 1, FALSE) = "Yes", VLOOKUP([Source Sheet]DashColumn, [Source Sheet]DashColumn : ZZZColumn, COLUMN(), FALSE), "")

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