Advanced Filters Update for all Brandfolder Customers

Haley Patrone
Haley Patrone Employee
edited 09/06/23 in Brandfolder

Hi Community, 

Last night we launched some updates to our Advanced Filters feature in Brandfolder!

We have made some updates to the Advanced Filters drawer to improve scalability and performance for our customers. These changes include updating the order of filters to show more useful filters first, showing only the most common file types and removing asset counts for a more simplified view. 

By making these relatively small adjustments to our advanced filters drawer, we will create a more reliable experience for customers: users will see their advanced filters drawer load consistently, counts will not be inaccurate, and all filters will be functional.

You can learn more about Advanced Filters in our Knowledge Base article.  

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  • WOW! What a TERRIBLE change.


    I can't believe it! yet another instance where an entire group of developers decided this sweeping change makes any sense at all.

    Congratulations on making Brandfolder even harder for our executive boomers and anyone other then us millennials, to use.

    You guys have an amazing way of making it harder and harder to stay with Brandfolder, try convincing the bill payers (anyone over 40) Brandfolder is worth the cost when they can't find anything!

    Wow. Just. Wow.

  • Thank you for your feedback, we appreciate any questions, comments, and concerns from our users. I've sent your comment to our product team, I'll send you my email and we can discuss your concerns more directly.