Moving attachments between sheets to one combined row

Frank Falco
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I am trying to implement a workflow using two forms each one within two sheets, each of which will have attachments.

The workflow is as follows:

Sheet 1: A Form is filled in by an internal user, and a row is created in Sheet 1 with an autogenerated rowID and has attachments.

Sheet 1: Automation requesting an update to an external user with a link to form in Sheet 2, with parameters in the URL for the form to populate data, including the rowID from Sheet 1, which is used to manage the dynamic behaviour of the external form. This form will also have attachments.

Sheet 2: Once the form is submitted, use DataMesh to copy the columns from Sheet 2 to Sheet 1, matched on the rowID, to create a unified record.

I need to copy the attachments from Sheet 2 to Sheet 1 on the match row, resulting in a unified row and all attachments on the same row in Sheet 1.

I have all the add-ons, including Bridge, but I cannot find any way to copy the attachment.

Based on my search of this Community site, I cannot find a way to do this and copying attachments does not seem to be supported. There are discussions about this but no solutions.

This is a shocking omission, in my opinion.

SmartSheet needs to implement a mechanism in Bridge and DataMesh to allow the copying of attachments.

Are there any suggestions on how to combine the attachments from these two sheets into one row?

Is there any way to use forms with dynamic fields, to update an existing row?

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