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hello all, I need to create a workflow for the below scenario. I will have many rows of data around 500 sometimes. there is about 30 columns also. I have a date column for which I want the workflow to work based off of. if the 10 days before that term date is reached, I want Smartsheet to send an email to a contact but not email per cell. I want it to include all the rows whose date is met. then another day another group of rows would match the 10 day criteria and I want Smartsheet to send a new email with all the details for those rows (by details I mean the column data of those rows). Can someone please help me. I know it is a bit complicated but really cannot have it send 1 email per row.

Can you also guide how it would work if we could have one email sent per row?

@Paul Newcome I would appreciate your insight. Thanks

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    Hey @mahmadi ,

    When you create your automation you can choose if you would like all the columns to be included in the email or you can choose specific ones.

    {{}} will add the data into the message but you dont need to use it to send the list itself.

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