Stacked Bar Chart Data is not stacking

Hi -

I feel like I'm missing something obvious, but I am stuck.

I would like a chart that has one row of data, but each "group" within that row would be a separate column.

Example: 30 Test Scenarios

10 Complete

10 Not Started

10 In Progress

Currently, I have multiple rows of data in my chart, but I only want one. My chart is based off of a report.

How do I get the stacked bar chart to actually "stack"? I would like a single row instead of multiple because I am going to need a few of these charts since I can't do charts on second level groupings/ summaries.

Thank you!



  • Austin Smith
    Austin Smith ✭✭✭✭✭

    @NikkiMAke Stacked data needs to be on the same row. I'd make a helper data/metric sheet that pulls your summary data together and shows it as primary data on a single row. Make a bar chart based on the helper data sheet. I do this on a regular basis to manage data for charts, graphs and display on dashboards. It's a bit less user friendly on set up, but winds up being much cleaner and easier to manage long term.

    If you feel inclined, you can use the same master data sheet to collect all data for all charts and just have each chart reference the specific line/data set for each chart.