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Okta - GROUP_ADMIN error if not LICENSED_USER first. Combine these roles?


Suggestion: When assigning GROUP_ADMIN privileges to a user, it's advisable to automatically grant them a license, as it is a requirement. Failing to do so can result in an error, which might not be immediately evident when following the Okta setup instructions outlined in the following guide: Smartsheet Roles Okta Groups Setup Guide.

The issue arises when attempting to add a new user with GROUP_ADMIN privileges, leading to an error message: "Automatic provisioning of user 'user1' for the Smartsheet app failed: The user must possess a licensed sheet creator role to function as a resource viewer or group administrator."

This problem occurs because a license was not applied beforehand. You can address this by checking whether the user is a member of the 'Smartsheet US Group Amin' group and assigning them the 'Smartsheet US Licensed User' status accordingly.

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