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ENGAGE 23 Logbook - Share & connect!

Rebeca S.
Rebeca S. Employee Admin
edited 09/25/23 in Events

Hey there, ENGAGE 23 attendees! 

Presenting the ENGAGE 23 Logbook — your one-stop place to introduce yourself, share photos & selfies, document your favorite experiences, and connect with your peers at the event.

Explore the ENGAGE activities to your heart’s content, attend sessions, meet people, and save your best memories right here. Additionally, participate to win one of 5 gift baskets, full of Smartsheet and sponsor swag by answering the question below 😉

What’s one thing you’ve enjoyed, learned or look forward to experiencing at ENGAGE?

(Bonus points for including a photo)

Note: By participating and adding your comments below, all ENGAGE attendees will be entered to win one of the 5 gift baskets. If you win, the Community team will contact you via the ENGAGE app, and through email. All prizes must be claimed by EOD Wednesday, at the Community booth.

Official rules can be found here.