I have one table with a reference number, a sub-vessel number and a check box column to select the desired subvessel. I want to use a formula in another sheet to count the number of times a value is present in SOURCE(subvessel selection column), where the SOURCE(reference number) matches the TARGET(reference number) and if this value is >0, return a 1, otherwise return 0.

So far, I have this: =IF(COUNTIF(INDEX({Source Sub-vessel select}, MATCH([reference@row,{Source reference}, 0)), {Source Sub-vessel select}:{Source Sub-vessel select}, >0), 1, 0)

but I'm getting an UNPARSEABLE ERROR. Can anyone help fix it?

It's complicated by the fact that the reference number is duplicated within the source sheet, so I can't used INDEX MATCH because the identifier isn't unique.

Thank you!



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