Is there an automatic notification process when Excel file is imported?

fb_smd ✭✭
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I want that the Smarsheet sends a Notification when I add a new Excel file into the "Sheets" section. If that's not possible, I can add the Excel file, but I don't want to go into the sheet and assign to a contact and do the workflow for them to approve it for all of the files.


  • Ipshita
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    Hello @fb_smd

    There is a way to notify people/contacts in your org when a new attachment is added/changed in one sheet as long as it affects the rows in that sheet. Automation workflows are specific to one sheet. Since in this case, you are adding new excel files in the Sheets section of your workspace, there is no way to create a workflow for all the files within that space.

    However, if there is a single sheet, where you are uploading attachments/files, then there is an alternative method of notifying people in your org to approve the files in that sheet by automating your workflow by date. Since you are the only person uploading the new file, (and I am guessing you are), you can create a workflow by this method - "When a date is reached" where you can customize the workflow to run every week on the day you plan to upload the new file in that particular sheet. So that, the workflow runs on that date by default and notifies people in your org to approve the new file on that date.

    But if you are uploading files in the Sheets section of your workspace, then I'm afraid this method will not work.

    Hope this helps,



    Ipshita Mukherjee