How can I create an auto-updated sheet that takes data from another smartsheet?


Hi comminuty,

I am new to smartsheet and just getting started. My issue:

We have a auto-updated smartsheet (filled with survey data that is pushed from a web app into the sheet). This sheet is global and I would like to create an excerpt for my local business.

Lets say the original data structure is:

name tag1 tag2 tag3

peter blue 8 false

john red 7 true

betty red 8 false


I would like to create a smartsheet that copies the complete lines with a specific entry, lets say I want my filtered list to include all lines from the original where tag3 is false. And Ideally also I would like it to update automatially.

How would i realize that? I read into index and match functions but with this I can only get cell values not a whole line - let alone the fact that I have no clue how to make it auto update in the end.

I know this is a bulk question but I am very appreciative towards whoever helps me start my smartsheet journey.



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