Export meta data from Reports (count functions etc)


Hi Friends,

I am trying to create some analysis tools at work, assume the following scenario:

I have a smartsheet filled by an online form employees fill out. Each form filled and sent creates a new row in my sheet. columns like

Name   Location   Date of entry   dropdown value a   dropdown value b

How can I count entries and have a dashboard showing me

"thats how many entries we have with the tag [red]"

"thats how many entries we have from Date xxx"

etc.? Especially since the form is constantly growing.

Currently I am trying to play around with reports but I cannot set a count function in there to just count entries and return a integer value that I can use for a cake diagram or so. Any tipps?

I have not worked myself into dashboards yet, maybe thats a solution space worth checkin out?

thanks a lot!