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I have a separate grid with a 'Mapping Table' (screenshot below) with on the first column the values that can also be found in my final sheet. In the final sheet I also have a column that should show the mapped values.

I'm trying to use the INDEX function to pull in the mapped values, and also show 'Pending' in case there's no mapped value found. I only get stuck on an 'UNPARSEABLE' error when using the formula I got to:

=IFERROR(INDEX[Mapping Table]'!B:B, MATCH([Source Mapping]@row, [Mapping Table]!A:A, 0)), "Pending")

I also tried the below where I set the ranges instead, but not luck:

=IFERROR(INDEX[{Original Values}, MATCH{Mapped Values}, "Pending")

If this has to do with the formatting of the formula being incorrect, could you share the best place to find more info on it? I read through the basic formula page, but didn't spot anything that could cause the issue.


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