Question on Function Syntax using IF, AND, and OR

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I am trying to get an At Risk check box to return a red flag if there is a date in End Date and that date is earlier than the curent date and the Status cell shows one of three statuses. Can't quite get the formula logic. Any suggestions would be wonderful. Thanks!

Desired results:

End Date is blank = no flag

End Date is not blank and:

End Date is greater than current date = no flag

End Date is less than current date and:

Status is any of "Complete", "Executed", or "Recorded" = flag

Current attempt:

=IF(AND(NOT(ISBLANK(End Date@row))), (AND(End Date@row < TODAY()), (OR(NOT(Status@row = "Complete")), (NOT(Status@row = "Executed")), (NOT(Status@row = "Recorded")))), 1, 0)


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