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I am looking to compare two sheets each month. I have VLookup searching for 4 individual pieces of information from the Monthly Sheet within the Master List:

Employee, Merchant, Date, Amount.

Currently, I have =VLOOKUP(Employee@row, {Master List Name}, 1, false) that looks for the Employee Name and will either provide the name or show "No Match" if it doesn't find that name within the column on the Master List. However, I need all 4 pieces of info to confirm that that row is on the Master List and therefore that charge has not been reconciled.

How do I combine the VLookups? or is there a better way?



=VLOOKUP(Employee@row, {Master List Name}, 1, false)

=VLOOKUP(Merchant@row, {Master List DOS}, 1, false)

=VLOOKUP(Date@row, {Master List DOS}, 1, false)

=VLOOKUP(Amount@row, {Master List Outstanding2}, 1, false)


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